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Hotels for kids in Malaga: waterparks, activities and all inclusive

The kid’s hotels in Malaga are different from the ones you used to look for when traveling as a couple, they have slides or water parks, kids’s activities, themed rooms and a wide offer for the little ones to have a great time during the holidays.

When planning a vacation with kids, it is a good idea to do so with them in mind. There are also numerous playgrounds in Malaga , which we recommend you take a look at if you want the little ones to enjoy this holiday to the full.

If you have doubts about what it is like to travel with kids, I recommend you take a look at my other article and viewing more Malaga hotels.

I must say after writing this article that I have wanted to visit one of these hotels. Parents have the right to have a great time too!

5 Hotels for kids with slides all inclusive

When it comes to booking Hotels for Kids in Malaga, make sure that the amenities for families are still available and included in the price.

There are hotels that have water parks that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Here is a list of facilities that should be available in a family-friendly establishment:

  • Does the hotel have a childcare service?
  • Are there playgroups built into the complex or outside?
  • Baby-phone available for the little ones?
  • Menu and buffet for kids?
  • Quick service for the little ones?
  • Games and activities for kids?
  • Is there no traffic or is there a quiet street in front of the hotel?
  • Do you have themed rooms?
  • Does it have a water park or slides?

If you also want to offer the little ones an experience they will not forget, you should visit some of the best playgrounds in Malaga .

1. Holiday World in Benalmádena

This hotel complex offers guests a water park with slides, wave pool and even a pirate ship. There are entertainment programs, games, a mini-club and even a soccer field with grass. The different sectors are differentiated by age.

It is a very complete hotel for kids and families. The needs of both the little ones and adults have been taken into account. It is not uncommon for a couple to book a room with a Jacuzzi to relax on the weekend.

The themed rooms offer the little ones a decoration with dinosaurs and miniature tables. They also include video games, rental of kids’s movies, a kids’s pass to the Fuengirola Zoo and many other activities.

Location, photos and opinions: https://goo.gl/maps/MHeQhsy7gs32

Official website: https://www.holidayworld.es/es/

2. Hotel Pato Park in Benalmádena

Hotel with water park for kids in Benalmádena

A hotel for kids in Benalmádena that is located just 150 meters from the beach.

The hotel also offers animation activities for kids and a room with games for kids between 5 and 12 years old with monitors where they will carry out fun activities.

It is a family-oriented 4-star hotel with a kids’s pool with a pirate galleon included and another for adults or adolescents where there are multitrack slides, with turns and tubes.

Location, opinions and photos: https://goo.gl/maps/vbqZ6Y3NvMm

Official website:

3. Roc Marbella Park

Hotel with all-inclusive slides.

Complete family hotel with pool and slides for those planning a holiday in Marbella with kids. The hotel has billiards, table football and the option to book all-inclusive.

In addition to slides there is karaoke, a soccer field, animation for teenagers and a water park, without a doubt a fun option to go with kids to Marbella.

Location, photos and opinions: https://goo.gl/maps/Yk5hcBDY92m

Official website:

4. Globales Estepona Beach

This hotel has a water park for kids in front of Estepona beach.

This hotel for kids located in Estepona has a swimming pool, a kids’s club, a pool with slides of up to 12 meters and a water park for the little ones. It is a hotel located in front of the beach, so you can alternate fun in the pool with a swim in the sea.

Tennis and paddle tennis lessons are offered for teens and adults.

The hotel has monitors that will be aware of the little ones. The water park is recommended for the whole family and offers numerous water attractions.

The hotel also offers other activities such as karaoke, billiards, darts and evening entertainment.

Location, photos and opinions: https://goo.gl/maps/3pHMUt5xyAU2

You can take a look at the official website:

5. Roc Costa Park Torremolinos

Hotel in Torremolinos with kids’s and aquatic facilities.

This hotel is suitable for kids and has a large pool with slides emerging from a large pirate ship that will delight the little ones.

It is an ideal hotel for kids under 8 years old due to the size of the kids’s attractions, among which is a miniature golf. There is also a tennis court for teenagers and adults.

The hotel has facilities for kids that include some arcade machines, table football and other activities.

Located about a 15-minute walk from the beach, it offers a free bus from April to October. Also not far away is Aqualand Torremolinos and Tivoli World.

Location, photos and opinions: https://goo.gl/maps/4xYxGkRbVFy

You can visit the official website for more information:

Kids’s apartments

If you prefer to stay in an apartment with kids, you may be interested in the following suggestion:

The Kingfisher Club Benal Beach in Benalmádena

Apartments for kids Benal Beach

The Kingfisher Club Benal Beach has large pools and slides for kids. It is a family accommodation located in front of the beach that also has a gym in case parents want to do some sport, as well as a relaxing spa.

The slides are quite long and of various types; some are circular circling on themselves while others connect the different pools.

It is very close to the Parque de la Paloma and its playground, so you can take a walk there. Nearby also the Benalmádena fair takes place with many little gadgets for kids, in case you are staying at the end of June, when it takes place.

If you are looking for a nearby amusement park, you cannot forget to visit Tivoli World.

Location, photos and opinions: https://goo.gl/maps/EhtrLzqyrBz

Official website: https://www.thekingfisherclub.com/es-es

4 hotels for kids in winter or summer and with kids’s activities

If you visit Malaga in winter you can choose a hotel for kids with kids’s activities. There is plenty to choose from, from archery or horse riding to workshops and games.

If for reasons of availability, price or location you decide to book a hotel without slides or water park during the summer, you can always visit the water park in Torremolinos or Aquamijas.

1. Fuerte Hotels

This chain of hotels offers family accommodation and outdoor activities. It has two large swimming pools and a robotics workshop during the months of July and August in Malaga .

Kids can go hiking or biking. Also during the summer you can make new friends at the club that open during the high season for kids between 4 and 16 years old.

Many activities such as archery, beach volleyball, horse riding and kids’s pools where you can enjoy your vacation safely. Check on the web or at reception about the possibilities.

* Depending on the chosen hotel there may be different activities, options and offers for your family vacations.

It has hotels in Marbella, Estepona, Conil, Huelva and Cádiz.

Official website: https://www.fuertehoteles.com/

2. H10 Estepona Palace

This hotel offers services and activities depending on the age of the child, in addition the gastronomic offer is varied and has a kids’s buffet and special menus.

It also has kids’s facilities for kids between 4 and 12 years old. There are educational games, outdoor activities, music and kids’s shows.

Location, photos and opinions: https://goo.gl/maps/Uhwbb6SVCKp

Official website: https://www.h10hotels.com/es/hoteles-costa-del-sol/h10-estepona-palace

3. Hotel Melia Sol Principe in Torremolinos

Although I have not been able to find information regarding kids’s facilities on the official website, according to customer opinions, this hotel has activities for kids and specialized monitors. There are different areas for both families and those who want to enjoy a quiet environment, both with performances during the night.

During  Halloween night in Malaga , both the setting of the hotel and the reception staff that are usually characterized are taken care of. At sunset they have a themed night.

Other details of this hotel:

  • Depending on the season they have laser tag games and mini-kart racing.
  • You can request a cot in the room, for this you must communicate it in the reservation.
  • The hotel has a kids’s buffet.
  • Option to book all inclusive.
  • Babies or the first child up to 11 years free.

Location, photos and opinions: https://goo.gl/maps/LuoY4sT6Njx

Official website:

4. Hotel Selwo Lodge in Estepona

Hotel for kids in the middle of nature.

If you want family adventures with kids, you may be interested in taking a look at the Selwo Lodge Hotel in Estepona.

This hotel has the Watu Village and the Masai Village, decorated cabins with a capacity of up to 4 people that will transfer you to the typical accommodation of the African reserves but with all the comforts of a modern hotel. There is also a restaurant-cafeteria and barbecue with exclusive dinner service for clients staying at Selwo Lodge.

The pool is available during the summer months and parking is free, in case you decide to rent a car in Malaga .

It is a perfect hotel to enjoy a natural environment and where kids can meet different animal species.

Location, opinions and photos: https://goo.gl/maps/UeG37pptGJt

Official website: https://www.selwo.es/es/hotel

Transportation from the airport to the hotel with kids

When it comes to traveling to the hotel with kids, the best transportation option will depend on your needs:

Public transport with kids: Yes or no?

If you choose the bus or the train, you should make sure that there is a stop near the hotel. Traveling with kids and luggage can be quite tedious. If you need more information, we have a comprehensive guide to buses and trains from the airport .

Rental car for family vacations

A rental car at Malaga airport is a recommended option, you will have mobility and you can enjoy your holidays with kids to the fullest. There are many events and activities around the province throughout the year that you won’t want to miss.

Taxis and transfers from the airport with kids

When you travel with kids, a private transfer is undoubtedly a way to take a great weight off our shoulders. If you can’t rent a car, either because you don’t have a driving license or because you just don’t feel like doing it, the most recommended and comfortable option may be a transfer from the airport .

They will pick you up at the airport or hotel at the time and day you choose; don’t forget to include child seats during the booking process.